Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kids' Homeschool Planners

My kids haven't always had planners for their work.  Some years they've just done the same thing every day (moving on to the next page or chapter or whatever) and some years they've come to me and asked what they needed to do.  In the early years, I sat down and did everything with them.  We really don't do any independent work for the first couple of years so they didn't need planners then.  The last few years, however, the kids' planners have been invaluable.  I know it looks like a lot of stuff to fill out every day but really, it only takes a minute or two for each one.  In fact, the older kids will fill out their own pages most days.

Here is a tour of my older son's planner pages:

You can find the editable Excel version of my kids' planner here.

The write-in PDF version is here.

The font used in the Excel version is called Space Woozies and can be downloaded here.
The font used in the example above is called Gilligans Island and can be downloaded here.

To read more about my Teacher's planner, click here.


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